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FL Studio + Arturia Pigments 2 weird bug - lpnsk - 09-02-2020


I have encountered a very weird and specific problem in FL Studio...

I have chrisGlitch attached to a mixer channel.
I have Arturia Pigments 2 routed to said mixer channel.

Uppon playing my pattern or my song (using the 'play' function of FL) , chrisGlitch crashes when the pattern or the song 'loops' ( arrives at the end and goes back to the beginning)

[Image: VzNCoiU.png]

[Image: PcO6kYx.png]

It is very specific to Pigments in FL, I tried in Ableton Live with Pigments or with other VST instruments or samples in FL and it all works as it should... it's very weird ! 
I also tried playing my loop with Pigments not routed to chrisGlitch channel ( chrisGlitch working with other audio entering ) and switching Pigment's channel mid-play : chrisGlitch crashes when the pattern loops..

I'm also opening a support ticket but maybe others can confirm this behaviour ?

Versions : 
Windows 10
chrisGlitch v1.0.18
FL 20.7.2

Thanks !

RE: FL Studio + Arturia Pigments 2 weird bug - lpnsk - 09-03-2020

Following answer from support, here is a video of what's happening with different channel routing. 
Pigments doesn't even need to send audio through the channel to cause the bug..