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Possible bug - Jambo - 08-03-2019

Hey, I got the bundle this week and have been having fun getting familiar with the plug-ins in live 10.1 on windows 10. I automated a bunch of parameters in psymmetrix delay yesterday, and when I reloaded the project this morning, despite live showing all the automations still active, the plug-in was not responding to the automation either visually or audibly. Is this a bug you have come across or can replicate? I will reload a few times and see what happens.
Cheers, Jambo

RE: Possible bug - Jambo - 08-03-2019

Update: on reloading the project a second time it's working as it should. Something to keep an eye out for nonetheless.

RE: Possible bug - Bom Shanka Machines - 08-13-2019

Thanks for the report, will do some testing here, not ran into any issues with psymmetrixDelay myself so far, and I use it a lot! Big Grin